I have three identical high-spec servers. (Dual P4, 4GB memory, 250 GB
RAID5) running NW65sp4 (OES sp1) These servers are the core servers in our
tree. (Hold Master or R/W replica of every partition)
Two of these servers are bullet proof. The third is not. The server does
not abend, but slows down and eventually locks up. My guess is a memory

Looked at NRM and found that the different between the servers is that the
problem server reports "Total System Memory" to be 5,283,309,568 Bytes
instead of 4,209,567,744 bytes like the other two. Because of this, the
problem server also reports that "Extended Server Memory In Use" is
985,661,440 where as the other two do not display this value.

I am not sure if this is the cause of the problem or just another effect,
but I have no idea how to fix it. Already tested the hardware with the
Manufacture test CD and all is OK. Everything is the same between the
servers, BIOS, Install Media, when installed, NDS Context.... everything
except the name and ipaddress.

Help, please.