Hello all: I am rolling out 12 new HP Proliant servers running Opteron
250 processors. We are using OES/Netware SP2. I installed OES/NW
using the HP supplied "Smartstart" installation CD which installs all
needed HP drivers onto the c drive. I thne install a standard OES/NW

On all servers ACPIDRV.PSM abends when loaded. However, if I manually
load the driver, it will hang the server BUT after a hard reset and
driver will load correctly from then on.

Until now the above has held true. However, yesterday I setup our 10th
server but ACPIDRV.PSM fails to load and abends the server. I tried
the trick I mentioned earlier and it will work for the next reboot
only, then the problem comes back.

I know of no hardware changes in the servers we ordered. All "should
be" identical.

So, anyone have a suggestion??? Thanks, Chris.