I have big trouble with a OES SP2 Server after installing the SP
It is running on an ESX Server System. And was running fine with native OES.
( NW 6.5 SP 3 )
The Machine has 3 NICs and the ECB is going down. Now it is running with
only one NIC and the "Minimum Packet Receive Buffers" is set to 10000. The
OES is running for a day.

I've seen that their was an Issue with NW 6.5 SP4a and NSS. Should it be
possible that it is also in OES SP 2? Or should it the DS? The Timesync
Issue descriped in the Beta Patch is also their, but the customer don't want
to install the Beta Patch.

Any help will be appreciated

Christian Mies
GNE IT Solution GmbH

....for any problem their will be a solution