I have a NW 6.0 SP5 machine that will no longer boot. It currently gets
to the "Scanning for Devices and Partitions" bit in stage 1, then gives
a message to the effect of:
"The critical component (NSS.NLM) was not loaded or executed or is
missing. Netware cannot function without this component."

I can see NSS.NLM in the DOS partition.

The full story is that I found it on the screensaver screen, worms
moving around, but not able to get the unlock prompt. So after a hard
restart I notice that "something" had happened which put a couple of
disks in it's raid array offline. This has happened to the same machine
before, so I thought nothing of it. Then after setting the disks back
online in the SCSI controller setup and restarting again, I end up with
the above message.

While loading the startup things, one SCSI driver was not loading
correctly (adpt160m.ham INIT FAIL). I fixed this based on information
contained in these two threads:

....however the same NSS.NLM problem still exists. Those threads talk
about a system registry which would have been reset. Is there anything
else that is related to this which I need to check?

The guy that usually looks after this is away from work at the moment,
and not contactable. We have a support contract but are told that 6.0 is
no longer supported. I'm quite lost. I have little experience with this
sort of thing, and don't know where to look next. So I sincerely
appreciate any ideas people have.