Hi Guys,

I have a four node cluster running NCS 1.6 NW 6.0 SP5 (NSS 5c).

I am getting full cpu lockups and reboots sometimes as often as 3-4
times a day, on which ever server has the volume resource mounted.

I have one cluster enabled pool with two volumes and a data set of
about 1TB.

Nothing is being written to the abend.log. Auto restart after abend is
set to 0. The only clues are in the HP Integrated Management Log which
states the following

Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
00:207 Code executing in module ZLSS.NSS v3.5 at offset +21BACh).

Is a NSS pool rebuild likely to be the only cure for this? I am
worried about doing this as I have not been able to get a any backups
completed in the last 6 weeks.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.