This may not be the right forum, but it seems to defy classification . . .

I recently upgraded a NetWare 6.5 SP4 server to NW65SP5. At the same time, I
also upgraded the GroupWise POA agent to the lastest GW 7 beta version.
After a reboot, as the OS was well into loading, suddenly the bottom 2/3 of
the screen went black. The top 1/3 looks perfectly fine. Switching screens
did no good. The GUI was not set to load, so it should not be a graphics
driver problem. The screen had gone blank after the volumes mounted and a
number of NLMs had loaded. I could not tell for sure exactly which NLM was
loading when it blanked out.

I tried a cold boot next, and everything worked great. The next day, we had
some sort of high CPU utilization problem, so we did another cold boot. This
time, the bottom 2/3 of the screen blanked out again at about the same place
during OS load. When using a remote console utility such as AdRem, the
entire screen can be seen. The server has been running fine for 8 days now,
with the exception of the partially blank screen.

Since the BIOS screen is fine and the OS load looks good partway through, I
cannot imagine that it is a video card or monitor problem. Still, I tried
unplugging both the power and VGA cable to the monitor and reseated them.
The system is a Dell PowerEdge 2600.

Any ideas?

Rick P