Upon application of NW65SP5 to a server successfully running 65SP4,
experienced the server entering debug mode on loading the Mylex
AcceleRaid 170 driver (MDACFSI.HAM).

does not matter what sequence I load the driver in, tried backreving the
SERVER.EXE to sp4 - no joy, still dumps the server into debug mode.

Following debug info is displayed - from that point it will let me play
in debug mode, but that is all.

Break at BFBAAEB1 because of Debug procedure being called (hey, wait, I
did no such thing!)
Current Focus processor: 00
EAX=00000014 EBX=BFB35B04 ECX=BFB35B04 EDX=00000000
ESI=00000246 EDI=BFB357C0 EBP=BF6C3E44 ESP=BF6C3E40
BFBAAEB1 C745FC00000000 MOV [EBP-04]=00000000, 00000000

Not sure which direction to turn at this point - can't get to the sys
volume to backrev the entoire service pack, can't get to xconsole to
initiate an in-place upgrade to see if something just went ugly during
the update process... suppose I could set up the server to access the cd
through dos, and copy files manually, but still need to know what files
to copy to get past where I am at (one step short of nowhere).

Any and all assistance greatly appreciated...

Mike G