Hi folks,

I've recently migrated my NetWare 5.1 servers to NetWare 6.5sp4. Under
NW5.1 I had everything working great - I had my BorderManager box as
the REFERENCE time server with external NTP sources for getting time.
In my local LAN and a remote office LAN I had a single PRIMARY time
provider for the clients and other servers, and all my other NW
servers were set as SECONDAY.

Like I said, it all worked fine....

Then along comes iManager with the 'Time Synchronization' feature. I
swear, there were dollar signs surrounding the 'Migration' option! I
mean, hey, I couldn't resist.....

OK, OK, OK, you're right, someone smack me with a ruler.

Now I've got all these servers with XNTPD this and NCP that, and
requests for 'valid keys'....what's an (idiot) network manager
supposed to do?

I've been reading the docs (again, I'm a network mangler - we don't
need no steeenking docs), and there's recommendations for
Client/Server, Peer-to-Peer and WAN configurations, so how's the
'best' way to fix this so everything comes back into sync? Here's my

- 4 NW6.5 servers, 1 W2K server with a connection to the Internet

- 1 NW6.5 server at a remote office with a direct connection to the
local LAN, but no separate Internet access. (They perform web access
through our BorderManager proxy server).

- 1 W2K server at a remote office that has a VPN link to the local
LAN. Their router provides them with Internet access.

Thanks for any suggestions to get this 'de-tangled'!