Hello folks

I have a Tyan GX28 S2881 Thunder K8SR Mainboard with Dual Opteron
and 2GB RAM.

Runs real smooth on NW65Sp5 except for one little issue. (Same as
posted with Beta sp5). The server hangs if I down or reset. During
the unload if I watch the logger screen I see this message every

Java.nlm unloaded
module NTLS.NLM is being referenced
You must unload NPKIT.NLM before you can unload NTLS.NLM
You must unload rconag6.nlm before you can unload NTLS.NLM
unlable to unload ntls.nlm
Module SAS.NLM unloaded.

Processor 1 stops
The volumes all dismount, but at the point of SYS dismounting the
server hangs with the screen frozen at that point. No keyboard
input at all except I can operate the numlocks key so it doesn't
appear to be a hardware hang.

One interesting note. If I initiate a reset server in NRM, then
immediately click "Down Server" in NRM and select Abort Reset and
Warm boot now, the server does reboot. Otherwise it hangs and I
have to physically reset/power off.

Any ideas where to start?

thanks a bunch.