I'm trying to figure out an NLM-loading problem that occurs very
early in the startup process. It is some hardware-detection or
power-control NLM. It loads before my IDE drivers.

It is a SBS Netware Server 6.5.3. When it starts normally, an NLM
tries to load that fails with a Public Symbol depency. Unfortunately,
the screen goes by so fast that I can't see what NLM is trying to
load, or what dependent NLMs are spawned automatically. Because it
happens so early, I don't know of any logs to look at that would show
me the error message.

I have restarted the server with a SERVER -NS, typed in the
STARTUP.NCF commands by hand, and then typed in the LOADSTAGE 1,
LOADSTAGE 2, LOADSTAGE 3 and LOADSTAGE 4 commands. When started this
way, there were no public symbol errors. I tried to start it with the
F8 single-step option, but it didn't produce the error, either.

One idea: It looks like an NLM takes a bit long to load. When
starting normally, the NLM hasn't finished loading and when a
subsequent NLM loads and it isn't finding a Public Symbol. When I
single-step it or hand-load the stuff, there is enough time and there
are no public symbol errors.

Part of the problem is that this error happens so early in the startup
process that the console logging hasn't started yet. Is there a way
to kick this off super early by putting the necessary NLMs on the
C:\NWSERVER section?

Dispite this problem, the server runs well, except that it doesn't
shutdown gracefully. I have to dismount the volumes and stop as many
processes as I can. Sometimes it will shutdown, other times I have to
use the power button.