I have a Proliant ML350 933Mhz with 1.4GB Memory.
We have 5 users.
Running NW65SP4a and post patches (some beta but done after
issues started and they didn't help or make any change)

We are running BE91, ZFD7, and GW7

Our server is constantly fluctuating at between 6-16%
utilization when nothing apparently is happening.
If I open a folder in Groupwise it spikes upward of 80% for
a few seconds.

It was recently we installed SP4a and I did HP PSP740a AFTER
telling Netware NOT to update my lan/disk.

I am struggling to find the problem. Even with NO modules
loaded and no users, its sitting at 1-4% but goes down to
0-1% if I disconnect the network cable.

What is a good way to determine whats causing the usage?

in NRM I go to Debug/Profile and I see


some other screen shots I took after drilling down the 2 top
threads are here:


and then profile by execution:


My understanding is that my problem is with LSL.nlm?

The server just seems slow and unresponsive.