Hi I downloaded vdbtools.exe , I am not sure it can read NetWare 6.5 SP5
coredump file or not.

As I am trying to validate the coredump file before passing it to

I am getting errors below ( not sure I am using wrong tool or corrupted

VDB560 v0.03.00 -- Virtual Debugger Utility for NW Server v5.60 (NW6)
(c) Copyright 1990-2001, Novell, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Opening Image: CS_COREDUMP.IMG

Analyzing coredump file...

Auxiliary file (optimization info) is either invalid or does not exist.
A new one will be created.

OPTIMIZING coredump file...
btOffset=0x272A955B, sig=4C525442, type=CD13,
btOffset=0x27149A9B, sig=4C525442, type=CD13,
btOffset=0x26FEDFC0, sig=4C525442, type=CD02,
ERROR: bad bt.signature or bt.blockFormat
ERROR: BSLoadBlockList Failed

FATAL ERROR: Unable to open image file