This server had been frequently abending every 3-4 hours a day,triggered by
ndpsm.nlm and/or dpsv.nlm.

After removing iprint and reinstalling iprint OES (netware 6.5sp4)ISO
downloaded from novell site, no abend occurred for almost 5 days.

Now there was a power failure today. Server reboot when power came back.
Checking with the health.log, it indicates that ndpsm.nlm has been in a bad

5 hours after power failure, this server suddenly crashed, hung up and had
long beeping. Abend.log had no logging for the crash.

After reset the server, 2 hours after this server crashed again.
Abend.log has no logging for the crash.

Any idea. Is NDPSM.nlm corrupted or NDPSM.nlm has a bug that causing server
frequent abend?

How can I find out whether ndpsm or any part of NDPS is corrupted?

Is it possible to turn off that abend process and keep the server run
without the need to rebooting the server?