Im having an strange problem with my Novell Netware 6.5, 2 node cluster.
Every monday my servers loose contact with the disk set that they are
using, no abends or nothing.

Usually when i reboot the servers they re establish contact with the disk
set, but not always.

This only happens after weekend, only mondays, when i get the servers to
talk with the diskset, then i have no problem with it all week long, and
then after the weekend, on the monday, voila, same problem again.

First i tought this was due to the friday backup jobs, but i run backup
jobs during the weekdays too, and as i pointed out before, dont get this
problem in the weekdays.

My setup :

Novell Servers = 2 x HP Proliant DL380
Disk Set = HP Storageworks, Smart Array 1000

Any ideas on how i should aproach this problem would be great. Also, i dont
belive the problem lies with the diskset itself, every HD has an green
light, and the Storageworks LCD display shows an "state ok" message, error
log is empty.

Thank you in advance for any help.