My NW 6.5sp3cpr box abended and was in a cycle for a weekend as I had the
'restart after abend' setting on.

I have since updated to SP5 and the server has been happy since

When I start Arcserve 9.01 on the server I get an error
Mar-06 13:37:50 Loading SYS:\NLMApps\ARCserve\NLM\ASDB.NLM
Mar-06 13:37:50 BrightStor ARCserve 9.01 Database (Build 614.000
Mar-06 13:37:51 Version 9.01 September 2, 2003
Mar-06 13:37:50 NLM ASDB : E4205 BrightStor ARCserve database file
ASJOB.DB failed on integrity check, [1021].
Mar-06 13:40:54 CSLOADER.NLM : Module SYS:\NLMApps\ARCserve\NLM\ASDB.NLM
did not load. Please switch to the Console Screen for more

After combing the 'net and trying everything related to the databases. I
threw up my hands and decided to do a fresh install of Arcserve.

After installing and trying to start the new Arcserve I get the same error

Now I am truly stumped.....other searches have turned up results pointing
toward Btrieve and related to SYS:\Systems\MKDE and the LOG folder within.

Something seems to be corrupt/not complete in some manner and I wonder what
may have happened during the abend to cause such.
I am at a bit of a loss as to what to look for next or where to go from
here at the moment, so I thought I would post to see what the community
might have to say.