I'm trying to install nw6.5 from cd and am running into an issue. It would
appear that as soon as the autoexec attempts to call server.exe, the system
goes into a loop of trying to ...Loading, <reload> ...Loading etc.

after being quick on the pause key, i was able to stop the screen and took
a picture of the error:


This problem seems close to:


In the above tid, i dis-abled the USB ports and it continued to fail, so i
disabled all devices and took the mobo to its most basic of settings. It
still abends on install.


Asus PSWDG2-WS Adaptec 29160 dual channel, Fujitsu 15K 72GB HD. PSD21G53325
Patriot 2x 1GB RAM ECC Unbuffered, Lite-on IDE CDRW.

If i eject the disk, i can get control of the computer. When it can't find
command.com i can put the disk back in and get the prompt. For testing, i
went into the server dir and tried to launch SERVER.EXE and it did the
exact same thing.

For another test, i attempted an install of windows 2k3 and it appeared to
install fully (but i really don't want to run windows :)