Netware 6.5 SP5 on SCSI RAID5 running fine today. Received Netware
message that server was down. Can't connect via remote console. Check in
server closet, and console has ":" prompt instead of "server:" prompt.
Sys Pool has been deactivated.

Go into NSSMU and look at Sys Pool, it shows:
Capacity: 3.90 GB
Free Space: 171798691.83 GB (I wouldn't mind having that kind of space!)
Used Space: 3.90 GB
Purgeable Space: 0 KB

Look at Volumes and everything is zeroed out on Sys. All other volumes
seem to be fine.

If I run nss /poolverify=sys, it has a couple of warnings, but no errors.
I also get a message that Pool xxx had an error (20012(beastTree.c[510]))
at block769860(file block -769860) (ZID 1) Error 20012 returns

My RAID array seems to be fine, I can't find any errors. It shows the
proper device, partitions, volumes, etc.

Is there hope of rebuilding Sys pool/vol back with some of my data? I do
have a current backup of Sys, but am not sure what needs to be done to put
the pool/vol back without the pool deactivating again. Any ideas? Thanks.