Have been using Hamish's memory calculator app to attempt to solve
ongoing abend problems caused by Arcserve 11.1 SP1 on a NW6.5 SP5 box.

SIDE NOTE....Hamish's memory calculator is an OUTSTANDING tool. Use it
if you need it.......it is great.


On 3/7/06....when first running the memcalc...console reported that DS
was using 3,036,942 bytes of memory. Memcalc specified a number of
changes to be made to server memory settings. They were made, including
the creating of _netware\_ndsdb.ini with all its settings.

On 3/8/06....segstats reported that DS was using 22,423,310 bytes
(21.4MB) of memory. Memcalc recommended several changes that were made.

On 3/9/06....segstats reported that DS was using 40,236,814 bytes
(38.4MB) of memory. Memcalc recommended a couple more changes that were

Today, on 3/10/06....segstats reports that DS is using 58,144,526 bytes
(55.5MB) of memory. Memcalc recommends a couple of changes that I will
be making.

Consistent through the sequence of running memcalc is recommended
decrease in the amount of memory dedicated to the UserSpace, fine tuning
of the file cache settings, and almost constant increases in the DS cache
(hard limit, I believe) through the _ndsdb.ini settings.

Does this increase in memory usage by DS appear to be consistent with the
changes in the settings. This network is a rather static one with
respect to users, objects, etc..... No mulitple servers, WAN, etc.

Any observations would be appreciated. Hamish, if watching, your
observations would be welcomed.

Bruce Larson