Hopefully a final post for a while.....first, thanks to Hamish, Marcel,
Andrew and the many others that responded with input and ideas on the
problems with this combination on a Proliant ML350 4GB server.

Posted started back on February 8th......

Ultimate solution was to use Hamish memory calculator to properly tune
the servers memory. I have left Btrieve settings in BTI.CFG at less than
recommended levels by CA....using only 128MB (131072) rather than the
recommended 20% of server memory. Got rid of GWTSA.NLM and used
TSAFS.NLM enabled for groupwise and also loaded TSAFSGW.NLM to support
the groupwise backup. Key on TSAFS seems to be setting the cache memory
threshold limit to 1 per cent of server memory.

Early suspicion was that PORTAL.NLM was the potential culprit since the
first abends rather consistently appeared in Health Monitor Slow Process
owned by PORTAL.NLM. With the memory settings from Hamish's calculator
and the TSA changes noted above......backups are running perfectly with
PORTAL.NLM loaded.

Again....thanks for everyone's input! I am sleeping a little better for
the moment.

Bruce Larson