Hamish looking for your help,
Dual proc 1.4 6gb server, file-print-groupwise/messenger lone server in
my current environment not much change expected.
server had been recently stopped/started (1-2 hours) before these files
were created.

per the mem-tuning article, I have attached the latest config and
segstats and I am curious as to what you'd recommend.

After reading and re-reading the article and trying to wrap my head
around what is going on and how to get there, I sort of want to see if I
come up with the same results.

curious about _NDSDB.INI and what the file is and its odd filename

Segstats.nlm from a curiousity standpoint, does it hurt if that is left
to run on my server. Is there a performance hit while that is running or
is it benign. Again trying to make sense of the info it contains....at
the moment its like 'looking at the matrix' I see gobbledee-gook
streaming down the screen while you see the lady in the red dress. I
know the 'lady' is there but I haven't yet learned to see it yet. So I
wonder if I leave that running if that's actually a bad thing.

Thanks for your help and Sincere, Appreciative Kudos for that article
and the knowledgeable info contained within.

(sorry if this is a repost of a repost)
(Tried attaching the files and it seems the post didn't arrive, so I
appended them to the msg, sorry for the long post)