I have been fighting my server for over a week now trying every tweak I
can think of with still no stable success.
My Server is a Dell 4600 w/ 4Gb Ram running GW7, Gwava 3.6, Zen7,
eTrust 7.1, ArcServe 11.1 Sp1, NDPS, Apache2, Tomcat, etc.

I have run SEG.nlm and configured server will all of the MEMCALC.exe
recommendations- many times with various configurations. (below current
NLM Memory = 1233289216
NLMHWM Memory = 1325375488
DS Memory = 218662670
Phys Memory = 4155981824
UAS Memory = 555503616

Physical memory (Bytes) : 4,155,981,824
NLM Footprint (Bytes) : 1,233,289,216
NLM High Water (Bytes) : 1,325,375,488
UAS (Bytes) : 555,503,616
DS Foot print (Bytes) : 218,662,670

set auto tune server memory=off
set file cache maximum size=1950351360
set fs cache pool minimum pages=453980
set fs cache pool desired pages=524288
set fs cache pool lots of pages=524288
set vm cache pool percentage=5
set vm cache pool maximum pages percentage=5


add "-u555503616" to the server line

I have tweaked the Betreive BTI.cfg file with many different
settings... 128Mb ram(abend in betrieve) , 256Mb ram(abend in
betrieve), 384Mb Ram and 512Mb ram.

I have backrev'd the INTRLEAV.nlm to pre SP1. (because of random abends
in the new intrleav.nlm)

I have made many tweaks to the real time scanning engine so processes
are excluded from being scanned during backup, etc.
My last few attemps for server stability during backup, I have even
unloaded realtime scanning (which does speed up backup throughput by a
factor of 5) and the backup does complete and then the server randomly
locks minutes or hours later.

I have made all the recommended tweaks to ArcServe from CA and from
users in this news group. (bti.cfg changes, backrev of intrleav.nlm,

I have restarted my server over 20 times in the last 7 days trying
eveything I can think of and monitoring memory and "available logical

Even doing all of the above I am still receiving random abends.

I have seen abends in Betrieve, Intrleav.nlm, portal.nlm, server.exe,
fstape.nlm, and the list goes on.... just when I think I have mastered
this the server abends again or simply HARD LOCKS (no ping, etc.)

Attached is the current Segstats.txt I am running and below are the
latest abends I have seen after these settings were inplace and also
abend.txt of the last few abends chopped down for size.

Any help is appreciated since I am going nuts- this is a production
server that is used 24/7 and must be up at least 10hrs daily for work.


|Filename: Abend.txt |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1372|