Just got off the phone with Novell support.
If you have been reading though these posts the last week you will see
that I have had a nightmere with abends over the last two weeks.

Part NW65Sp5, part ArcServe Sp1, part memory settings??

ArcServe 11.1 Sp1:
CA Engineer recomended full removal of ArcServe and fresh install of
base 11.1 product. CA is having random issues with NW65Sp3 - 5 and
their is not a fix yet.
You may see abends in Intrleav.nlm, FSTAPE.nlm or hard locks.

Called Novell and there is a field test patch that they will give you
for free if you call them that fixes many random abends..... If you
see many "loader" statements in abend log I'm told this patch will do
the trick. Yet to find out for myself.
Server was abending in server.exe, portal.nlm, hard locking, etc.
They strongly recommend ENABLING AUTO MEMORY TUNNING since the new
SERVER.exe handles memory differently than the SP5 server.exe.

Manual Memory Settings:
My server has 4GB of RAM and I had been using the latest seg.nlm (which
did abend on my NW65Sp5 server at one point when left running through a
backup) and using the MemCalc.exe by Hamish. (great tool Hamish) In
doing so, I was never able to get my server to run for log enough to be
stable to get a good segstats.txt file. I did however use many, many,
many different combinations with some luck, however still have low
"available logical memory" issues.... ~400Mb once everything is loaded
(GW7, Zen7, GWAVA 3.6, ArcServe 11.1, eTrustAV 7.1, iPrint, NDPS,
Apache, Tomcat)

I would post the new SERVER.exe however since it is not yet released I
recommend you call Novell. (free incident) The new file should be
posted in a couple weeks I'm told...

I'll keep you posted after I pray a lot and apply the new server.exe
this afternoon.