Strange thing !
Yesterday our NW6.5sp4a started to abend severaltimes. In the abend.log
it refers to zenpxe.nlm and dts.nlm. This has not happened before.
When an abend has occured before, whe have just noticed it on the
server console, but yesterday the server made a Novell-style of
bluescreen ! :-(
The TIDs I found at Novells knowledgebase just stated that it was
reported to egineering.

Well restarted the server yesterday evening, and in the morning
everything was fine, until people started to login.
In the time of 50 minutes the server abended again 6 times....
I could understand that this would be the result of som changes on the
server, but it has not been changed for some months. All of a sudden
this just appeared.

We are running gw 6.5sp3, Zen6.5sp1b on it.
Would like to step up to sp2 on zen6.5, but it's not an option yet, in
our organisation.

All abends look the same, short description:

Page fault processor exception - EIP in zenpxe.nlm at codestart
Thread owned by NLM: DTS.NLM

The CPU encountered a problem executin a code in ZENPXE.NLM

Any suggestions ?

I will open a servicerequest at novell when I am back in the office.


Magnus Larsson