I have nine (9) identical IBM xSeries 330 servers, all with 2 processors, 2GB RAM, ServeRAID 4Lx
RAID cards, etc.

I have installed (clean) Netware 6.5 SP5 from the overlay CD. No other non-novell programs are
installed. In every machine, Novell hangs at the beginning of Stage 1. All BIOS are current/latest

If I press F8 at the beginning of bootup, and manually press spacebar/anykey I can get through
the entire boot process and the server works fine. Typically, I press F8 and allow a full second
before I press a key to load the next file. Is appears that the problem occurs between Stage 0 and
Stage 1. When booting normally, the system gets through stage 0 with no problems. When it
goes to load LSL.NLM it flies right through it. When I boot in Maintenance mode, LSL.NLM can
take up to 20 secs to load. CONNMGR.NLM and LFS.NLM then follow in either case (manually or
unattended). When the system starts "** Scanning for Devices & Partitions" the hang occurs,
UNLESS I boot using F8. Eventually the server will restart itself and begin the whole process over
again. However, if I boot with F8, once I am past "** Scanning for Devices & Partitions" and onto
FILESYS.NLM I can press C to continue and the server boots normally.

My novice observation is that if you could somehow pause/wait 20 to 30 seconds at the LSL.NLM
command, the LSL.NLM would have enough time to load properly before the **Scanning for...
comes up. Also, the last module to be loaded in Stage 0 is IPSRAID.NLM, the IBM ServeRAID
Controller. I used the same clean install process on my xSeries 255 server and do not have any
problem at all. Once the servers are up, they function as they should.

At least this bug is consistant, it only has occured in the IBM xSeries 330 machines with Novell
Netware 6.5 SP5. We had Netware 5.x and 6.0 installed at various times and never had this
problem. The glitch also behaves the same way everytime.