I have installed Openssh, we are using Netware 6.5 SP4A

The output in the sshd.log shows

error init_edir() ldapssl_add_trusted_cert error: -1

The configuration that we have entered for eDirNameContext is

eDirNameContext o=SGIC
eDirNameContext o=SGIC?scope=subtree

I have tried many alternatives.

When we go to login say via putty, the server abends.

Once thing about our edir design that may be the cause is that we use
the same name for the Oranisation Container as the Tree.


hence things like, .DivisionCont.SGIC.SGIC

My gut feeling it thats its not liking the tree name and the
Organisation being the same.

Any help/ideas are appricated.


Andrew Hutchinson.