Firstly we are about to upgrade to SP5 this weekend, but our SP2
installation just let go big style today. We saw "Cache memory
allocator exceeded the minimum cache buffer limit" and "Short term
memory allocator is out of memory" appearing on screen. We could not
unload NDPSM at it reckoned it didn't have enough memory to do so and
users were kicked out. A reboot got us back.

The servers hardware was recently upgraded to a Proliant ML370G4 Dual
Processor with 4GB RAM. I put us back to psm14 due to a different
problem the other week, but will go back to acpidrv after SP5.

We don't run any memory or nss tuning on this server. I've been a bit
nervous after reading about Netware 6.5 and issues with RAM,
fragmentation and tuning. We've not encountered this before when the
server was on different hardware with 3GB of RAM.

The server has a single nss pool and volume for SYS with all major
volumes being traditional.

Any Ideas welcome. I'm going to monitor fragmentation daily for a