Thought this may be of use to NAV users out there. We are having
problems with our recently updated 6.5 SP2 to SP5 servers abending.
Been trying memory calc (4gb in servers), unload this and unload that
as we don't know where the problem is.

This may not be it, but I noticed on the Symantec Support site they
have a new info doc confirming abends with 6.5 SP5. No fix though. We
had an abend on Sunday morning which didn't appear in the logs. The NAV
scheduled scan runs at this time which got me interested in NAV. We are
on the latest 10.0.2000 version.


PS. My previous post about memory problems on 6.5 didn't get any help
that I requested (sniff sniff), if anyone finds this of use and could
cast a look at my old post then i'd appreciate it.