Two of my NW6.5sp8 servers simply reboot themselves with no log entries
or warning. Users stop having access, the monitor screen saver stops
moving, browser access stops, console keyboard stops working, then the
server reboots itself. Not records, no log entries, nothing, no bread
crumbs. They are IBM 342 servers with 4gb RAM. I took another identical
server and took the drives out of the bad server and put them in the good
server and bang, 5 days later the same problem. Only it happened 3 time
in 15 minutes.

Then I found the cause.

One of my users was burning a CD from his files stored on the network. I
had her try twice more and confirmed the stoppage.

She was simply using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 to burn a CD of 3
directories on the server that rebooted itself. Each time she tried the
server failed. She recalls that the last time she did this the server
failed but she did not communicate that then. The second server fails
intermittently when others try to burn CD's off the network also.

Anyone heard of this problem? Thanks.