Apologies for being a complete amature, but I'm in way out of my depth and
am sinking faster than I thought possible. The problem is turning my poor
brain to mush, and any help greatly appreciated.

System: Home built, minimal spec, didn't have much money to throw at this
.... PC, Gygabyte M/B, two 40gig hard drives on primary IDE channel, CD Rom
on secondary channel. Promise TX2000 installed controlling 4x250gig drives
in mirror 0+1 configuration. 2.2ghz processor, 1gig of ram.

Originally 4.x, migrated gradually up through 5 and 6 to current spec of
6.5 with sp5 installed. Upgraded from 4.x to break volume size barrier,
have been upgrading ever since because of instability of various versions
on the way.

Fault 1: Server appears to be fine, but will suddenly beep, hang and then
reboot. Nothing noted on console screen, except the console is completely
dead. I have been quick enough to note, occasionally, "<1>" will appear
after the server name.

Fault 2: On reboot, the system won't see the Promise controller. Need to
do a HDETECT before it sees it and mounts the volume. Tried ripping out
all entries for the driver from the startup, and letting HDETECT re-write
the entry it determines, but that doesn't work either.

Server purpose ... Has a number of years worth of NAL's that I've created;
it is the only server and thus there are no backups of the directory
(except a third mirror of the system which is kept on a disconnected hard
drive) Serves FTP to the outside world and CIFS to internal media playing

First things first, I suppose. What files (and their locations on SYS) do
I need to be looking in to find out what happened to make the machine go ga-ga?

(one of the serious problems with Netware is that the thing is usually just
so stable that whenever something goes wrong, I have frequently forgotten
how to trouble shoot it.)

Any help to this novice (who has drowned her sorrows temporarily in wine
and is going to bed as it is now midnight) gratefully appreciated.

Michelle Knight