I helped a friend install NW65 sp 5 last nite. ALLLLL of last nite.

The problem was that there wasn't enough room on the Sys volume to keep the
SP happy. Mind you, NSS SpaceInfo showed that we had a couple of gigs left,
but I'm guessing there weren't enough blocks free percentage wise to keep it

The upshot is that the SP hung at various places, didn't throw an error that
said "Hey, you idiot, we're outta space" and didn't allow NetWare to book up
after the aborted SP install (even the one time we didn't get past backup).
I'm guessing that the server was doing a long purge routine to free up
space, but of course, I'm only guessing (with the help of TIDS).

Might I kindly suggest that the engineers at Novell add a routine into the
SPs that checks to see if there is REALLY enough space free?


Tim Wohlford