About 2 weeks ago, we applied NW 6.5SP5 and GW 7.01b1 (formerly NW
6.5SP4 and GW 7.0) in an effort to resolve the java/tomcat issue. It
didn't fix that [Novell suggests we try GW 7.01b4] and now we're
experiencing some memory issues (cache memory allocator ...). We
haven't had this problem in almost a year.

I gather the information from seg.nlm and ran them through Hamish's
memcalc. The results are listed below.

We'd rather not make all these changes at the same time, especially
while working with the GW beta patches. Is there a suggested subset of
the suggested changes that we might start out with.

TIA, bill

NLM Memory = 476938240
NLMHWM Memory = 588619776
DS Memory = 25237262
Phys Memory = 3753316352
UAS Memory = 566394880

Calculating settings based on following values:

Physical memory (Bytes) : 3,753,316,352
NLM Footprint (Bytes) : 476,938,240
NLM High Water (Bytes) : 588,619,776
UAS (Bytes) : 566,394,880
DS Foot print (Bytes) : 25,237,262

Execute these commands on the console, then add them to the end of
startup.ncf, and make sure they are not being set in autoexec.ncf.

set auto tune server memory=off
set file cache maximum size=2332033024
set fs cache pool minimum pages=542717
set fs cache pool desired pages=542717
set fs cache pool lots of pages=542717
set vm cache pool percentage=5
set vm cache pool maximum pages percentage=5

Edit sys:_netware\_ndsdb.ini - create if not existing and add these lines:


Edit c:\autoexec.bat and add "-u566394880" to the server line