We have a Proliant ML370 server that has been installed for the last 3
years and all working fine. However yesterday all of our workstations
just lost connection to the server. The workstations could ping each
other and any sites on the Internet but could not get a reply from the
server. No error messages were displayed on the server and it did not
abend. We could use the server keyboard and do directories of the
volumes and it seamed fine, other than it would not ping the Internet.
We disconnected the server from the 3com switch and the console showed
that a disconnection had occurred and we then connected it to a
different port and aging it showed that it was connected. However the
workstations still could not see the server.
We downed the server and rebooted it and it has been fine since then
but we are a bit worried as to why this happened. We had no error
messages no abend logs and no indication of any hardware errors. We
have made no changes to the server in months and no new or changed

Any suggestions as to what may have happened or what to do if this
happens again would be welcome.

Server Details
HP Proliant ML370 G3
Novell Small Business Suite 6.0
Support Pack 5
NSS 3.05:1008 Post PS5 NSS5B
eDirectory 8.6.2
Built in Lan Card Q57