Hi Thanks for the response.

This is the issue/symptom here.

I am getting errors in the logger.txt stating:

Module did not release 704 resources
Module: Networker Save Module
Resources: User Memory Allocations
Description: Alloc Memory (Bytes)

Then once every 2 weeks, I am getting error on backup software
saying: "Could not run save: Not enough memory"

I have 4 other netware servers with exact identical configuration and
backup software , we don't have this issue.

The issue came about when a new libc.nlm was given by Novell.

So my question is how do I track down the memory leak NLM ?
Is it libc.nlm or save.nlm ..?

Note: I was told by other admin save.nlm has some static leak but it
should not cause "Could not run save: Not enough memory" once every 2

As my other box don't have this issue.

Any idea on how to go forward troubleshoot ?

e.g. what memory counter should I be monitoring ?