I have 4 Netware 6.5 servers running on vmware GSX server. Two of them have SP3 and work fine (running webaccess). One of them has Sp4a and has high cpu utilization after about 4-7 days. Everything looks normal to me except that the open files reported by mrtgext.nlm go up very linearly until it hangs. This server isn't critical and has a light load so I have it reboot every night as a bandaid.

I just upgraded one, that was running SP3 fine, to SP5 and now it acts just like the one running SP4. This server runs webaccess and has a higher load than the SP4 server so it was useless in less that 18 hours. It also appears to open files and never close them according to mrtgext.nlm.

Has anyone used SP4 or SP5 successfully on vmware? Any ideas on what I should try to make this work?