About a month ago our main file server started experiencing high
utilization (over 50% average) during business hours but drops down to
normal (less than 20% average). It has two processors with one (usualy
processor 0) expriancing very high utilization of 80% to 90% and the other
20% to 30%. Sometimes utilization will get so high as to prevent users
from opening files and logging in. Before this normal utilization during
business hours was around 30% average.
The server is a Compaq ProLiant 530 with 2 processors and 1.5gb of memory
running NW6.5 sp4. Along with file services it also provides DHCP ,
internal DNS and runs an SQL Anywhere DB. It also has Symantec AntiVirus
10.2 installed. We have restarted the server with SAV remíed out but the
high utilization persists.
I upgraded to sp5 but to no avail.
Busiest threads are showing server processes as, by far, the busiest threads.
Around the same time we upgraded our BoarderManager server from NW5.1 sp5
and BM3.7 to NW6.5 sp5 and BM3.8 sp4. Not sure if that should make a
Nothing is jumping out as the problem, where do we go from here?