> I am installing NetWare6 on a barebones Intel 2300 chassis with an
> integrated Intel SE7500WV2 motherboard with a single 2.6ghz XEON
> processor, an Adaptec 2110S RAID controller and 6 Fujitsu SCA 36GB
> drives. All BIOS on motherboard and RAID controller have been patched
> to
> the latest upgrades (no change in status to follow). The system is
> setup
> with RAID1 on drives 0-1, RAID5 2-4, HOT SPARE 5. Built-in video
> Rage.
> Two built-in PRO1000 adapters.
> I have two problems:
> 1). When seeing the storage adapters for the first time it recognizes
> IDEATA, I20PCI, ADPT160M, ADPT160M, which should be correct. IDEATA
> and
> I20PCI are fine, but both ADPT160M controllers fail to load. I20PCI

changes to BKSTROSM. I will need the ADPT160M eventually for the tape
> drive.
> 2). Continuing on without the ADPT160M, I am able to create my boot
> partition and SYS volume and continue through the installation until I
> get
> to the X-SERVER GRAPHICAL INTERFACE. It sits on that screen for about
> 1
> min and then abends. Any changes to the video setting P&P 800x600
> 640x480
> has no effect.
> ABEND on P00: SERVER-5.60-1937: CPU Hog Detected by Timer
> OS 5.60
> Running process: Server 05 Process
> Stack available if needed
> Any ideas on how to complete the installation?
> David Breece
> Branch Systems, Inc.
> To Bob

Make sure that the Raid adapter is a approved and supported hardware.
Also check to see your vga adapter website for netware approved drivers.
Sinserly Dennis