Guru's, I really need your help on this one. I've posted before and got
good advice, but this situation is still open and frustrating to both
client and consultant!

Client is using the NW65SBS system. I've patched to SP3. Groupwise and BE91
are running on the system. Server is an 865PERL MB with NW mirroring being
done between two harddrives. Memory is 1G, Processor is a P4-2.4G with HT

Problem is that every so often (appears to be at random) but usually
1x/day, there will be a network slowdown. Users have extreme difficulties
accessing their network files, and the server CPU utilization goes to near
100%. When I can access this system during these periods, I see nothing
really unusual in the Busiest Threads area of Monitor, but it is VERY
difficult to get on and get accurate readings during these periods. Also at
this time the server console is equally bogged down. We did once catch a
quick flash of something that a Forum Monitor mentioned was a part of BE,
but this issue has occured without BE being loaded.

Today when it happened of course I was nowhere around where I could get on
to see, but I did catch a couple screens information. Below is the
processor utilization raw data:
Day profile for: Processor 0 Utilization
Start Time: Monday, 4-24-2006 4:00 pm
End Time: Tuesday, 4-25-2006 4:00 pm
Unit Measured: Processor 0 Utilization

Hour Average Maximum
0 2 100
1 0 19
2 0 17
3 0 97
4 0 11
5 0 15
6 0 18
7 0 20
8 0 19
9 0 13
10 0 18
11 0 12
12 0 18
13 0 18
14 0 15
15 0 97
16 0 18
17 0 35
18 46 95
19 71 98
20 71 98
21 89 91
22 47 92
23 0 22
24 0 9

Note the Max at 7am for 97%, which you can see in the graphs but is very
difficult in the raw data.

Next, the server screen shows a message that I believe to be the culpret:

OFMCDM: 04/25/06 10:39:37 Snapshot pool 'DATA_SP' created.
<other messages>
Deactivating pool "DATA_SP"...
Deactivating volume "DATA_SV"...
Pool DATA_SP set to DEACTIVATE state.
OFMCDM: 04/25/06 11:34:23 Deleting snapshot pool 'DATA_SP'

This occured at the same timeframe as the server/network slowdown.

At one time, a poster recommended getting the OFM tools from the mfgr's
site to look at and monitor the snapshot creation timing. Unfortunately I
was unable to install the tools because they appear to be a paid for
product, nor would they allow me to install just the tools.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have never seen a NW server
behave like this before, and its definately driving all of us a bit bonkers
given this is a three person office!