On a few occasions over the last several months our 6.5 server has been
crippled by PDHCP.NLM, installed as part of ZfD 6.5 SP2. Today was the
most recent occasion. The server, which handles almost all of our file
and printing services, slowed to a crawl. It took several minutes to
unload the module due to the sluggishness of Remote Manager, but
unloading the module immediately restored the server to normal. The
server was also fine after reloading the module again. In the past,
malfunctions that appear to be in PDHCP.NLM have sometimes forced us to
reboot the server during school hours.

The knowledgebase reports no known issues with PDHCP.NLM, and there
don't appear to be any patches available after ZfD 6.5 SP2. The problem
doesn't happen very often, but there is definitely a problem there. Is
there anything I can do, other than permanently turn off PXE-booted
imaging services? I hate to pay to open a support incident because of
the rarity and likely difficulty in recreating the problem. Thanks.

Jim Wagner
Arcadia Valley Schools