I have a problem with backup on a customers site. We are using Netware
6.5. The problem is that the server hangs evrytime in the backup on the
file UXaction.log.

Despite the fact that the file uxaction.log is in the novell.nks global
exception file from BackupExec, the server jumps to 100% utilization and
requires a reboot everytime I try to make a backup of the Netware File
System. Making a backup of just NDS is no problem.

To tackle the problem the server has been updated to
Netware 6.5 SP5 with TSA5UP19 (without TSA5UP19 the problem also occurs).

BackupExec is also updated to the latest version
Backup Exec for NetWare 9.1 Build 1158.9
Media Server = 1158.9Ndmp Server = 1158.9
Nlm Client = 1158.9
Java Client = 1158.9
Drivers = 0011N023
Windows 9X agent = 5.030
MAC OS X agent = 5.045
UNIX agent = 5.046

OFO NW option = 9.5.501
RAWS/OFO NT option = 4691R.42

Can someone please help with this problem?
We don't have a valid backup for over a week now.

(I read a thread in this forum about a similar problem on NW65SBS.
Suggestion was to backup without OFO, I will try that today)

Kind regards,