I've just put in a new Nw6.5 sp5 server, on an DL380 G4, with Dual , Dual
Core Intel Processors, 6GB RAM, and Ultra 320 SCSI drives. It's also got a
PCI-Express NIC, and Emulex PCI-Express Fiber HBA... it should fly.

Now the write speeds to disk is fine.

The read speeds from the disks though is appaling.

If I copy say a 10Mb file to the sys volume, it takes seconds. If I copy
that same file to another location, it say 9 minutes and counting.

Now it's also in a cluster. Again, If I copy a file to a cluster volume
mounted on this server there are no issues, but once it's coppied, if I then
try and copy it to another lcoation it says 6 minutes and counting.

In remote manager there are no issues being flagged, and I'm just extremely

I've apllied the lates HP patches.

Anyone any idea?