We have 3 servers / all identical hardware (one has more ram).

Proliant DL380G3 Dual Xeon 2.8 with fibre channel / Netware 6.5SP5 on
all three.

Running cluster services on all three, and one of them has the newer
iManager on it (the OES version).

Two of the three of the servers start / run / everything is great.

One of the three comes up and works just dandy, the iManager works well
and everything looked ok. This morning I didn't get my trusty mail from
the backup server software (Backup Exec 9).

Checked the server, and it cannot load PORTAL.NLM

On the logger if you try to load portal.nlm you get the following:

Error allocating resource tag (0x48424e57).
> Server 5.70-1553: Module initialization failed.

Back-reving the portal.nlm to the previous version does not help.

The newest portal.nlm I ended up with is 4.01 dated Dec8, 2005.

The older version I tried back-reving to was 4.00.02 dated Oct 5, 2005.