I've got a customer running Netware 6.0 SP5 on an IBM xSeries 235 that is
periodically having a problem where the NIC just stops responding to the
network. It cannot ping or be pinged by any device on the network.
Usually unloading the NIC driver and reloading/rebinding it will resolve
the problem, worst case involves a server restart to clear up the
problem. It's happened as quickly as an hour or so after the restart and
it's also taken as long as a month and a half, typically it's a couple
weeks before it happens. The onboard NIC on the server is a Broadcom
NIC, which I've flashed with the latest firmware upgrades and I've also
made sure we're using the latest drivers. Given that reloading the
software corrects the issue, I'm inclined to think it isn't a hardware
problem, but at this point, I'm planning to add a 3rd party NIC to the
server and switch all communications to it to see if it makes a
difference. Any suggestions would be welcome.