I have been trying to figure out what is happening to a server I have
running. It is 6.0 sp5 running on compaq proliant ml330 g2. What has been
happening is initially (one week ago) the backup stopped working. Then it
would dismount sys at some point eveyday. The error message I get before
the sys volume dismounts (which effectiveily causes all the other volumes
to dismount) is:
May 11,2006 7:59:36 pm NSS <COMN> -3.03 -xxxx:comnVol.c[7675]

Volume SYS: Userdata I/O error 20204 (zio.c[1917]
Block 155931 (file block 1512) (ZID 3763526)

Deactiviating pool "SYS"

Any help would certainly be appreciated. David