We've been having months of ongoing issues with Commvault, trying to back
up from our main file server (Netware 6.5 SP5). There have been a swag of
various issues, but the latest one is that we schedule a backup to go
through at 1:00am to back up a single NSS volume (50GB). At 1:20 the
server console gives a logical address space error, and at 1:22 it abends.
The information in the abend log is fairly generic. It cites PORTAL.NLM
but nothing we can really target. The backup completes successfully, but
the server is unstable and by mid-morning it locks up, requiring a hard reset.

Has anyone else seen similar things with Netware and Commvault? We've
racked our brains for months over this - considering movnig to OES Linux as
a last-ditch effort.