Hey all,

I'm having issues with all Netware 6.5.5 servers and high utilization
upon installing post-install updates.

They are all Netware 6.5 servers with at least 2 GB of RAM or more,
ranging from 2-4 GB, basically...

As soon as I begin to update products via the startx interface, Java
holds my server processor (single in all servers) at 87%-100% until
everything installs.

The process I'm going through on all the servers in question are as

[1] Start "startx"
[2] Remove iManager 2.0.2 (utilization starts to spike continuously
and will not come down until the product has been removed)

[3] Go back and add the product, pointing it to the PROD CD. I have
also tried copying the CD itself to the server and the same results

[4] I choose to install iManager only.
[5] At this point, the install starts and the utilization stays at
87%-100% continuously and really slows down users when they want to
launch apps, open files, etc. Basicall the whole network feels slow
at this point.

[6] Installs take 30-60 minutes for a simply iManager install, making
this update a real pain if it's done when people are working on the

[7] When the install finishes, all goes back down to like 4-15% and
stays there, as it was before the install.

Any thoughts as to why this is soooooo slow? I can look in the logger
screen and it shows all the ZIP files it finds when loading up the
copy process during install - they take a looooooong time to load/copy
and I'm not used to having it take this long.

Thanks for any help.

Brian Binder