I have a HP TC4100 server with Netware 6 sp5 installed. I have three
problems and am trying to figure out if they are related or what to do.

1.) Server hangs daily (lights are on, but no response at all). It
doesn't abend so nothing tells me what's causing the hang. Occurs at
night, can reboot and it works during the day.

2.) Volume not mounting (error: An I/O error at block 3321924 has
compromised pool integrity. The CDM driver deactivated device due to
device failure.) Have tried all TID's to verify/rebuild pool
unsuccessfully because I cannot access the volume. HP says it is a
Novell problem and not a hard drive issue!

3.) Console GUI screen is "faded out" on the server. If I access it
through a workstation it is fine. If I access it on the server it is so
blurry you cannot figure out what you are clicking on.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!