On my NW65 SP5 test server I get the following:
Novell Netware Debugger

Break at 83A8F1F6 because of debug procedure being called
Current Focus Processor:00
EAX=00000000 EBX=001FV0E0 ECX=FE001F44 EDX=00000001
ESI=83074320 EDI=1A9BC560 EBP=8BB3AD9C ESP=8BB3AD90
EIP=83A8F1F6 Flags=00200296 (PF AF SF IF)
83A8F1F6 E9AE010000 JMP 83A8F3A9(jump )

There is a down arrow after the word jump.

At this point I press q to quit the debugger and it powers off the server.

It is happening more and more frequently. It has done this twice today so

There is no abend.log file.
This has been happening quite awhile, but it was only like once a week.Now
it is almost every day.
Any ideas would be helpful.