Our Compaq PIII 800 Abended this morning. Logfile below, any suggestions?
Would be great, thanks!

************************************************** *******

Server COLUMBUS_SYDNEY halted Monday, June 5, 2006 11:15:02.016 am
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.60.03-4348: Kernel detected an attempted context
switch when it was not allowed

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = 00000000 EBX = 00000001 ECX = 00000000 EDX = FCE2345B
ESI = C0B56560 EDI = C20BA4F4 EBP = 08A0E661 ESP = C20BA390
EIP = 00617338 FLAGS = 00000002
00617338 83C404 ADD ESP,00000004
EIP in SERVER.NLM at code start +00017338h

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
00617338 83C404 ADD ESP,00000004
0061733B 5D POP EBP
0061733C 5E POP ESI
0061733D 5B POP EBX
0061733E C3 RET
0061733F A19447E0FC MOV EAX,[FCE04794]=FCE25066
00617344 50 PUSH EAX
0061734A 83C404 ADD ESP,00000004
0061734D 5D POP EBP

Running process: Nwftpd 520 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: NWFTPD.NLM
Stack pointer: C20B9FEC
OS Stack limit: C20B28A0
CPU 0 (Thread C3F8D280) is in a NO SLEEP state
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 5050100 Delayed
Stack: --FCE2345B ?
--08A0E661 ?
--C0B56560 ?
--C20BA428 ?
00615954 (SERVER.NLM|SchedSwitch+48)
--00000001 ?
--08A0E661 ?
--C20BA4F4 ?
--C0B56560 ?
--C20BA428 ?
0071E68B (SERVER.NLM|RescheduleLastWithDelay+EB)
--00000000 ?
0060E4E4 (SERVER.NLM|StartTempHandicappedThreadAgain+0)
--FFFFFFFF (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
--C3F8D280 ?
--08A0E661 ?
--C0B56560 ?
--C20BA404 ?
0071E57A (SERVER.NLM|CRescheduleLastWithDelay+6)
--00000202 ?
D665FA01 (THREADS.NLM|ThreadSwitchWithDelay+5)
--C20BA440 ?
--00000000 ?
-0001A404 (LOADER.EXE|AllocGDTEntries+94)
--CD37E3C0 ?
--00000000 ?
--CB415A60 ?
--0000002A ?
--C20BA430 ?
C0A2053B (NETSHLD.NLM|REG_IsSessionStampingDisabled+3B)
--C20BA428 ?
--00000002 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--CD37E3C0 ?
--00000000 ?
--C20BA440 ?
C0A6858D (NETSHLD.NLM|RefreshSessionStampMode+2D)
--C20BA444 ?
--44838596 ?
--C20BA448 ?
C0A685C8 (NETSHLD.NLM|IsSessionStampingEnabled+8)
--C20BA484 ?
C0A42105 (NETSHLD.NLM|WatchPostClose+35)
--D49B1BE0 ?
--00000000 ?
D20351FF (FILESYS.NLM|SwitchToDirectFileMode+1D2)
D20352E5 (FILESYS.NLM|SwitchToDirectFileMode+2B8)
--00000000 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--C3847B80 ?
--000000A6 ?
--C129EA58 ?
D2003562 (FILESYS.NLM|KClose+17A)
--C20BA4F4 ?
--C0B56560 ?
--C20BA4C8 ?
--C20BA508 ?
D6649F6C (THREADS.NLM|_DestroyCallBackBlock+260)
--C20BA4F4 ?
--00000000 ?
--FFFFFFFF (LOADER.EXE|KernelTempAliasesEnd+FFF)
--C20BA508 ?
--CD372080 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--000000A6 ?
D6648591 (THREADS.NLM|__CHK+21)
--C0B56560 ?
--C20BA4B4 ?
--CD372080 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--000000A6 ?
--C20BA508 ?
D1EA062D (LFS.NLM|FSMonitorExit+25)
--C20BA4F4 ?
--00000000 ?
--00000000 ?
--CD372080 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--000000A6 ?
--C20BA508 ?
--00000000 ?
--C190A100 ?
D1EA15B6 (LFS.NLM|CloseFile+95)
D292B8FA (NWSA.NSS|ZH_CloseFile+2A)
--000000A6 ?
--00000001 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--00000001 ?
--C36008C0 ?
--00000000 ?
D66FEC50 (NLMLIB.NLM|close+340)
--000000A6 ?
--00000001 ?
00019F74 (LOADER.EXE|sprintf+1EAC)
--00000000 ?

Additional Information:
The NetWare OS detected a problem with the system while executing a
process owned by SERVER.NLM. It may be the source of the problem or there
may have been a memory corruption.

Loaded Modules:
NDMPD.NLM VERITAS Backup Exec NDMP Server Module
Version 9.10
Code Address: C2309000h Length: 0005AF03h
Data Address: C2365000h Length: 00018B00h
AD_ASPI.NLM Backup Exec ASPI Device Driver for NetWare
Version 7.50
Code Address: C22B3000h Length: 00013F28h
Data Address: C22C9000h Length: 00008D8Fh
NRLTLI.NLM Backup Exec - Remote Workstation Backup Software
Version 9.10
Code Address: C2299000h Length: 0000240Fh
Data Address: C229D000h Length: 00000BE0h
TSANDS.NLM TSA for Novell eDirectory 7.x, 8.x
Version 10551.44.05 February 3, 2004
Code Address: C21B7000h Length: 000125CCh
Data Address: C21CB000h Length: 00001500h
SERVICTL.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSService eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C213C000h Length: 0000B932h
Data Address: C2149000h Length: 00004210h
SCHEMACR.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Schema eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C20C8000h Length: 00012821h
Data Address: C20DC000h Length: 0000FF0Ch
SCHEMATL.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Schema eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C203B000h Length: 00009CB2h
Data Address: C2046000h Length: 00005EBCh
JNDPS.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NDPS
Version 2.01
Code Address: C1BDD000h Length: 0000E6BDh
Data Address: C1BED000h Length: 00002374h
DPLSV386.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x Distributed Print Library - DPLSV386
Version 1.08.06 February 12, 2003
Code Address: C1B54000h Length: 0005F22Dh
Data Address: C1BB5000h Length: 00006644h
NIPPED.NLM NetWare 5.x, 6.x INF File Editing Library - NIPPED
Version 1.03
Code Address: C1B27000h Length: 0000524Dh
Data Address: C1B2E000h Length: 0000016Ch
Version 3.00.13 February 12, 2003
Code Address: C1A4A000h Length: 000052D4h
Data Address: C1A51000h Length: 00001CB0h
JCLNT.NLM NetWare JClient-Native (Build 1.3.1172)
Version 1.03
Code Address: C19DA000h Length: 0001BBA1h
Data Address: C19F7000h Length: 0000AF04h
JCLNTR.NLM NetWare JClient-Native Resources (Build 1.3.1172)
Version 1.03
Code Address: C19B0000h Length: 00002161h
Data Address: C19B4000h Length: 0000086Ch
REPAIRCR.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSRepair eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C14D2000h Length: 0003D871h
Data Address: C1511000h Length: 0001F980h
REPAIRTL.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSRepair eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C1321000h Length: 00010562h
Data Address: C1333000h Length: 0001DCBCh
MERGECR.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSMerge eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C11AC000h Length: 0001B221h
Data Address: C11C9000h Length: 00016BF4h
MERGETL.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSMerge eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C1111000h Length: 0000B602h
Data Address: C111E000h Length: 0000F625h
TCPSTATS.NLM Web Interface for Protocol Monitoring
Version 6.00.15 March 3, 2003
Code Address: C1086000h Length: 0000DAFCh
Data Address: C1095000h Length: 00005450h
BACKUPCR.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSBackup eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C1020000h Length: 00009E71h
Data Address: C102B000h Length: 00002E28h
NLSADAPT.NLM NLSAPI Remote Adapter for NetConsole
Version 1.02
Code Address: C0FD0000h Length: 00002CDDh
Data Address: C0FD4000h Length: 000007A5h
BACKUPTL.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box DSBackup eMTool
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C0F81000h Length: 0000AD42h
Data Address: C0F8D000h Length: 00005288h
NLSLRUP.NLM NLS - Usage Metering
Version 4.01
Code Address: C0E69000h Length: 0003A93Ah
Data Address: C0EA5000h Length: 000104A0h
LOGGER.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Logger
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C0E03000h Length: 0000DF82h
Data Address: C0E12000h Length: 0000664Ch
STATUSLG.NLM Report and Notification Service
Version 1.00
Code Address: C0D63000h Length: 00058A5Eh
Data Address: C0DBD000h Length: 000187E0h
EMSECURE.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Security Service
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C0B75000h Length: 00009852h
Data Address: C0B80000h Length: 000033B0h
NETSHLD.NLM McAfee NetShield for NetWare
Version 4.63
Code Address: C0A04000h Length: 00094444h
Data Address: C0A9A000h Length: 0003CA18h
MCSCAN32.NLM McAfee Anti-Virus Engine
Version 44.00
Code Address: C07FE000h Length: 0018E350h
Data Address: C098E000h Length: 000426FBh
NAIREG.NLM McAfee NetShield for NetWare
Version 4.63
Code Address: C04D0000h Length: 0000503Bh
Data Address: C04D7000h Length: 00001D94h
RSS.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Remote Subscription Service
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C042D000h Length: 00009932h
Data Address: C0438000h Length: 0000261Ch
EMBOXMGR.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Manager
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C03A4000h Length: 00018D92h
Data Address: C03BE000h Length: 0000790Ah
EMBOXMSG.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Message API
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C035D000h Length: 0000B2F2h
Data Address: C036A000h Length: 0000273Dh
JNCPV2.NLM Native Wrapper Java Class Libraries for NetWare
Version 1.10
Code Address: C02A3000h Length: 000213CCh
Data Address: C02C6000h Length: 00002718h
HT2SOAP.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box HTTP to SOAP shim
Version 10552.04
Code Address: C0206000h Length: 00009B02h
Data Address: C0211000h Length: 00003408h
LANGMAN.NLM Novell Cross-Platform Language Manager
Version 10210.40
Code Address: C017B000h Length: 0000E6A0h
Data Address: C018B000h Length: 0000B4A1h
FONTMN.NLM FONTMN - Java 1.2 Font Manager
Version 2.00.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CFA93000h Length: 0004C260h
Data Address: CFAE1000h Length: 000146E8h
EMBOX.NLM eDirectory Management Tool Box Engine
Version 10552.04
Code Address: CEEC6000h Length: 00007B02h
Data Address: CEECF000h Length: 00004F20h
XIS11.NLM XML Integration Service
Version 1.00.01 November 7, 2003
Code Address: CDD51000h Length: 0009937Ch
Data Address: CDDEC000h Length: 0004400Eh
BKUPEXEC.NLM Backup Exec SureStart
Version 9.10
Code Address: CCE8A000h Length: 0001D4FCh
Data Address: CCEA9000h Length: 00015EE0h
ZENWS.NLM Zen Workstation Utility NLM
Version 1.00
Code Address: CC45F000h Length: 0000230Bh
Data Address: CC463000h Length: 00000474h
IMGSERV.NLM ZENworks Imaging Server
Version 4.01
Code Address: CC436000h Length: 0000C11Dh
Data Address: CC444000h Length: 00005240h
JNET.NLM Java net (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CC41C000h Length: 00002CBDh
Data Address: CC420000h Length: 00000AC0h
DTS.NLM ZENworks Preboot Transaction Server
Version 2.02
Code Address: CC3D2000h Length: 0000351Bh
Data Address: CC3D7000h Length: 00000DA9h
ZENPXE.NLM ZENworks Imaging PXE Library
Version 4.00.03 July 26, 2002
Code Address: CC361000h Length: 0003319Bh
Data Address: CC396000h Length: 000242BCh
ZENIMGDS.NLM ZENworks Imaging DS Library
Version 4.01.02 March 12, 2003
Code Address: CC327000h Length: 0000B95Dh
Data Address: CC334000h Length: 0000447Eh
PDHCP.NLM ZENworks Preboot Proxy DHCP Server
Version 2.11
Code Address: CB92A000h Length: 00004D90h
Data Address: CB930000h Length: 00001BA2h
TFTP.NLM ZENworks Preboot TFTP Server
Version 2.06
Code Address: CB7EE000h Length: 000035DBh
Data Address: CB7F3000h Length: 00000EFCh
NWBG.NLM NWBackground
Version 1.00
Code Address: C8FFD000h Length: 000157D0h
Data Address: C9014000h Length: 00003550h
TADJST.NLM NetWare - NFS product Timer Adjustment
Version 9.10
Code Address: C8A6A000h Length: 000005CFh
Data Address: C8A6C000h Length: 00000364h
UNIXLIB.NLM NetWare NFS - NFS Server Support Module for NetWare 6.0
Version 15.15.05 November 11, 2002
Code Address: C8A3D000h Length: 0000BC0Ch
Data Address: C8A4A000h Length: 00001DC0h
UNIDLL.NLM Dynamic Linker for NetWare
Version 9.10
Code Address: C8A1C000h Length: 0000164Eh
Data Address: C8A1F000h Length: 00000064h
NDSILIB.NLM NetWare NFS - eDirectory Interface Library
Version 15.02.07 January 14, 2003
Code Address: C8728000h Length: 0000CF0Eh
Data Address: C8737000h Length: 0000BCC0h
NFS.NAM NetWare NFS Name Space Support
Version 9.28
Code Address: C8503000h Length: 00004F44h
Data Address: 15248000h Length: 000008BCh
NISSWDD.NLM NetWare NFS - NIS Password Management Support Module
Version 15.00.21 January 14, 2003
Code Address: D7F9C000h Length: 00002429h
Data Address: D7FA0000h Length: 000022C0h
NISBIND.NLM NetWare NFS - NIS Client Module
Version 15.01.02 January 14, 2003
Code Address: D7EEE000h Length: 00007409h
Data Address: D7EF7000h Length: 00003790h
Version 9.11
Code Address: D7EC6000h Length: 000004D9h
Data Address: D7EC8000h Length: 000007C8h
NFSADMIN.NLM NetWare NFS - ConsoleOne Administration Support Module
Version 15.01.01 October 30, 2002
Code Address: D7E81000h Length: 00003E91h
Data Address: D7E86000h Length: 000008E0h
PKERNEL.NLM NetWare NFS - Portmapper and RPC Module
Version 15.01.02 March 19, 2003
Code Address: D73D9000h Length: 00015B57h
Data Address: D73F1000h Length: 0000F680h
RPCBSTUB.NLM NetWare NFS - Portmapper & Rpcbind co-existance Support
Version 15.00.08 October 30, 2002
Code Address: D73C6000h Length: 00000041h
Data Address: D73C8000h Length: 00000008h
NAWT.NLM NAWT - 1.1 Graphics
Version 1.00.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: D7209000h Length: 000D2200h
Data Address: D72DE000h Length: 0001F120h
MOD_JK.NLM Apache 1.3 plugin for Tomcat
Version 1.02.02 January 17, 2003
Code Address: CF9C3000h Length: 0000DCD0h
Data Address: CF9D2000h Length: 0000634Ch
NFAP4NRM.NLM NFAP Simple Password Management NLM
Version 1.02
Code Address: CF98B000h Length: 0000775Eh
Data Address: CF994000h Length: 00017790h
SETMD4.NLM Library of Utils for CIFS - MS Windows File System for
Version 1.00
Code Address: CF96B000h Length: 00002BD0h
Data Address: CF96F000h Length: 00000E6Ch
Version 1.04
Code Address: CF951000h Length: 00000BC8h
Data Address: CF953000h Length: 00000098h
Version 1.00
Code Address: CF764000h Length: 00000878h
Data Address: CF766000h Length: 00000550h
MOD_NDS.NLM NDS Authentication Module
Version 1.01.01 October 14, 2002
Code Address: CF759000h Length: 00001CB3h
Data Address: CF75C000h Length: 00001280h
MLIB.NLM MLIB - Java 1.3 Media Library
Version 2.00.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CF6E5000h Length: 00027900h
Data Address: CF70E000h Length: 00005C40h
AFPTCP.NLM Novell Native File Access for Macintosh
Version 1.00.04 September 6, 2001
Code Address: CF667000h Length: 0001BD7Dh
Data Address: 144CC000h Length: 000084ABh
WSPDSI.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for Data Stream Interface
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: CF661000h Length: 00002E94h
Data Address: CF665000h Length: 000006D4h
MOD_LCGI.NLM Apache LCGI Gateway
Version 1.00
Code Address: CF60C000h Length: 00000F13h
Data Address: CF60E000h Length: 00000410h
NSLCGI.NLM LCGI support library
Version 6.00.07 January 18, 2002
Code Address: CF5D1000h Length: 0000A07Bh
Data Address: CF5DD000h Length: 00003592h
CSSYSMSG.NLM CSLIB: System Messages Facility
Version 1.01.08 March 18, 1999
Code Address: CF512000h Length: 00010A57h
Data Address: CF524000h Length: 00004298h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 6.01.04 October 7, 2002
Code Address: CF40E000h Length: 000124EBh
Data Address: CF423000h Length: 000006E0h
APACHE.NLM Apache Web Server
Version 1.03
Code Address: CF368000h Length: 00000329h
Data Address: CF36A000h Length: 00000654h
Version 1.03
Code Address: CF314000h Length: 00030F2Eh
Data Address: CF347000h Length: 00015F82h
ZIP.NLM Java zip (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CF22C000h Length: 0000AD6Ch
Data Address: CF238000h Length: 00001B30h
JVMLIB.NLM Java jvmlib (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CF0BA000h Length: 00016671h
Data Address: CF0D2000h Length: 00005890h
TSAPROXY.NLM NetWare Windows Client Proxy Target Service Agent
Version 6.00
Code Address: CF089000h Length: 00001B7Bh
Data Address: CF08C000h Length: 000007BCh
Version 5.14
Code Address: CF067000h Length: 0000A021h
Data Address: CF073000h Length: 00000FD8h
Global Code Address: CF075000h Length: 00001000h
SMDR.NLM SMS - Storage Data Requestor
Version 6.50.03 January 28, 2003
Code Address: CEF7C000h Length: 00027554h
Data Address: CEFA5000h Length: 0000291Ch
VERIFY.NLM Java verify (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CEEFF000h Length: 00008294h
Data Address: CEF09000h Length: 00001A40h
JVM.NLM Java jvm (based on 1.3)
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CEDA1000h Length: 00048DAFh
Data Address: CEDEB000h Length: 000077D4h
NDSIMON.NLM NDS iMonitor 2.3
Version 20210.61
Code Address: CEA3B000h Length: 0010BF39h
Data Address: CEB48000h Length: 0008A640h
LANGMANI.NLM Novell Cross-Platform Language Manager
Version 10210.40
Code Address: CEA00000h Length: 000040F2h
Data Address: CEA06000h Length: 00001084h
XI18N.NLM Novell Cross-Platform Internationalization Package
Version 10210.40
Code Address: CE99C000h Length: 0001CA12h
Data Address: CE9BA000h Length: 00007EC8h
AIOPS2.NLM PS/2 Mouse Port Driver
Version 1.00
Code Address: CDCF5000h Length: 000025B0h
Data Address: CDCF9000h Length: 00000FE0h
JSOCK6X.NLM NetWare 6.x Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CDA1E000h Length: 00007D5Dh
Data Address: CDA27000h Length: 00000DE0h
SASL.NLM Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Version 1.02
Code Address: CDA01000h Length: 0000053Eh
Data Address: CDA03000h Length: 00000034h
XIDEV.NLM XWindows Input Driver
Version 1.00
Code Address: CD99F000h Length: 000023F0h
Data Address: CD9A3000h Length: 000014A4h
AIO.NLM NetWare Asynchronous I/O Library
Version 7.00.04 July 21, 2000
Code Address: CD920000h Length: 00012CBBh
Data Address: CD935000h Length: 000027B0h
MATHLIB.NLM NetWare Math Library Auto-Load Stub
Version 4.21
Code Address: CD91C000h Length: 0000000Ah
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
Global Code Address: CD91E000h Length: 00001000h
XLIB.NLM XFree86 4.X X11R6 Library Build 020523
Version 11.06.01 May 23, 2002
Code Address: CD7D9000h Length: 00069F00h
Data Address: CD846000h Length: 0004822Ch
JAVA.NLM Novell JVM Version 1.3.1_06 Build 03031310
Version 1.31.04 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CD727000h Length: 0002AB91h
Data Address: CD753000h Length: 00009E98h
JSOCK.NLM Support For Java Sockets
Version 1.31.01 March 13, 2003
Code Address: CD70D000h Length: 000000B3h
Data Address: CD70F000h Length: 00000074h
FPSM.NLM Novell Floating-Point Support Module for NLMs [debugging,
Version 5.90.01 December 12, 2000
Code Address: CD677000h Length: 0000003Ch
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
Version 1.20
Code Address: CD4AC000h Length: 00001F93h
Data Address: CD4AF000h Length: 000005D0h
LDAPXS.NLM (Clib version)
Version 3.01
Code Address: CD448000h Length: 00003B05h
Data Address: CD44D000h Length: 00000770h
RCONAG6.NLM RConsole Agent for Netware
Version 6.10.04 January 28, 2003
Code Address: CD402000h Length: 00005085h
Data Address: CD409000h Length: 00002E40h
LBURP.NLM LDAP Bulkload Update/Replication Protocol service extension
for Novell eDirectory 8.7.
Version 10552.36
Code Address: CD3C4000h Length: 000010ECh
Data Address: CD3C7000h Length: 00000444h
Version 5.03.12 February 12, 2003
Code Address: CD349000h Length: 00014B99h
Data Address: CD35F000h Length: 0000AEB0h
FTPIF.NLM Interface Module for NetWare FTP Server and Statistics
Version 2.07.09 January 6, 2003
Code Address: CD32F000h Length: 0000051Ch
Data Address: CD331000h Length: 00000030h
Version 4.10.19 June 17, 2002
Code Address: CD10D000h Length: 00013480h
Data Address: CD122000h Length: 00002638h
NLDAP.NLM LDAP Agent for Novell eDirectory 8.7.3
Version 10552.72
Code Address: CCF60000h Length: 000734B8h
Data Address: CCFD5000h Length: 000449D4h
SAS.NLM Secure Authentication Services
Version 1.74
Code Address: CCD8D000h Length: 000565F0h
Data Address: CCDE5000h Length: 0001E890h
PORTAL.NLM NetWare Remote Manager NLM
Version 2.00.02 February 27, 2003
Code Address: CC708000h Length: 000A7E82h
Data Address: CC7B1000h Length: 000482C4h
NWIDK.NLM CDWare Volume Module
Version 3.01.01 November 15, 2002
Code Address: CC6E8000h Length: 00004640h
Data Address: CC6EE000h Length: 00000730h
BTCPCOM.NLM BTCPCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: CC68A000h Length: 000043C0h
Data Address: CC690000h Length: 00000CECh
WSPSSL.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
Version 6.20.02 February 21, 2003
Code Address: CC301000h Length: 00005EC3h
Data Address: CC308000h Length: 000108DFh
HTTPSTK.NLM Novell Small Http Interface
Version 2.00
Code Address: CC0DF000h Length: 0001872Ch
Data Address: CC0F9000h Length: 00012A30h
CPQHMMO.NLM Compaq HMMO Services Provider for NetWare
Version 2.01.02 April 13, 2000
Code Address: CC00A000h Length: 0003E689h
Data Address: CC04A000h Length: 0000FCACh
BSPXCOM.NLM BSPXCOM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: CBFD9000h Length: 0000525Ah
Data Address: CBFE0000h Length: 00000BB0h
NILE.NLM Novell Secure Socket Services NLM With Debug Symbols
Version 1.06.01 January 17, 2003
Code Address: CBF07000h Length: 0005325Bh
Data Address: CBF5C000h Length: 0001F3D0h
PKI.NLM Novell Certificate Server
Version 2.70.01 December 3, 2003
Code Address: CBE21000h Length: 00082C65h
Data Address: CBEA5000h Length: 0003CA40h
PKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.23
Code Address: CBC88000h Length: 00036D91h
Data Address: CBCC1000h Length: 00006444h
NWUTIL.NLM Novell Utility Library NLM ()
Version 1.03.05 December 13, 2002
Code Address: CBAF2000h Length: 00012A48h
Data Address: CBB06000h Length: 00019D64h
NWBSRVCM.NLM NWBSRVCM.NLM v7.90.000, Build 230
Version 7.90
Code Address: CB952000h Length: 00006776h
Data Address: CB95A000h Length: 00000AD0h
SERVINST.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Instrumentation
Version 5.00.08 February 11, 2003
Code Address: CB59C000h Length: 0001053Ch
Data Address: CB5AE000h Length: 00007484h
HOSTMIB.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Host Resources MIB
Version 5.00.10 February 18, 2003
Code Address: CB534000h Length: 0000B4C0h
Data Address: CB541000h Length: 00003CD8h
CPQWEBAG.NLM Compaq Web Based Management Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB427000h Length: 0003ED3Fh
Data Address: CB467000h Length: 00062EACh
CPQSCSA.NLM Compaq Management SCSI Subsystem Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB33D000h Length: 0000A5E2h
Data Address: CB349000h Length: 00003DA4h
CPQDASA.NLM Compaq Management Array Subsystem Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB30A000h Length: 0001132Ah
Data Address: CB31D000h Length: 00004358h
CPQSSSA.NLM Compaq Management Storage Box Subsystem Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB237000h Length: 00004CC5h
Data Address: CB23D000h Length: 00001CA0h
CPQHOST.NLM Compaq Management Host Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB16D000h Length: 00007696h
Data Address: CB176000h Length: 0000303Ch
CPQNCSA.NLM Compaq NIC Management Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB121000h Length: 000063DEh
Data Address: CB129000h Length: 0002C9D4h
CPQTHRSA.NLM Compaq Management Threshold Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB0C6000h Length: 000028CBh
Data Address: CB0CA000h Length: 000010F1h
CPQHTHSA.NLM Compaq Management Health Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB093000h Length: 0000D8CAh
Data Address: CB0A2000h Length: 000078B8h
CPQBSSA.NLM Compaq Management Base System Agent
Version 4.90
Code Address: CB052000h Length: 0000F83Ah
Data Address: CB063000h Length: 000083A4h
CPQHLTH.NLM Compaq Server Health Driver
Version 4.35
Code Address: CAEEC000h Length: 00061BE6h
Data Address: CAF4F000h Length: 000106F0h
NLSTRAP.NLM NetWare License Server Trap
Version 5.02
Code Address: C9C9C000h Length: 000028EEh
Data Address: C9CA0000h Length: 00000689h
Version 5.02
Code Address: C9BDF000h Length: 00071D97h
Data Address: C9C52000h Length: 00006FB4h
X509LSM.NLM Novell X.509 LSM
Version 1.04
Code Address: C94D6000h Length: 0000D3A8h
Data Address: C94E5000h Length: 00001450h
PWDLCM.NLM Simple Password LCM
Version 1.01
Code Address: C948A000h Length: 0000DE11h
Data Address: C9499000h Length: 00001330h
PWDLSM.NLM Simple Password LSM
Version 2.10
Code Address: C943C000h Length: 00010181h
Data Address: C944E000h Length: 00001450h
LSMCIFS.NLM NMAS Login Server Module for CIFS - MS Windows File System
for NetWare
Version 1.20
Code Address: C93FC000h Length: 0000EB2Ah
Data Address: C940C000h Length: 00001610h
LSMAFP.NLM NMAS Login Server Method for the Apple Filing Protocol
Version 1.00
Code Address: C939D000h Length: 0000E3EAh
Data Address: C93AD000h Length: 00001290h
JSTCP.NLM Jetstream TCP Transport Layer (Build 342 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: C9388000h Length: 00004AE0h
Data Address: C938E000h Length: 000001E0h
JSMSG.NLM Jetstream Message Layer (Build 350 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: C936E000h Length: 00006500h
Data Address: C9376000h Length: 00000230h
DFSLIB.NLM DFS Common Library (Build 258 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: C934E000h Length: 00000583h
Data Address: C9350000h Length: 00000080h
Version 1.05
Code Address: C92D9000h Length: 0000FE66h
Data Address: C92EA000h Length: 00001510h
Version 1.10
Code Address: C928E000h Length: 0000D721h
Data Address: C929D000h Length: 000014A0h
NPKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.70
Code Address: C9220000h Length: 0002D2E7h
Data Address: C924F000h Length: 00015843h
Version 1.10
Code Address: C91DC000h Length: 0000FBA1h
Data Address: C91ED000h Length: 00001410h
Version 2.00
Code Address: C911F000h Length: 0000D6C1h
Data Address: C912E000h Length: 00001360h
Version 2.00
Code Address: C90BC000h Length: 0000E431h
Data Address: C90CC000h Length: 00001370h
LDAPSDK.NLM LDAP SDK Library (Clib version)
Version 3.01
Code Address: C9094000h Length: 0001CE0Bh
Data Address: C90B2000h Length: 000066D9h
NPKIT.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.70
Code Address: C903B000h Length: 00021EB0h
Data Address: C905E000h Length: 0001B08Fh
NTLS.NLM Novell TLS Library
Version 10610.02
Code Address: C8EAA000h Length: 00076CB6h
Data Address: C8F22000h Length: 0002DDBFh
LLDAPSDK.NLM LDAP SDK Library (LibC version)
Version 3.01
Code Address: C89CE000h Length: 0001CEBBh
Data Address: C89EC000h Length: 0000611Ch
ODINEB.NLM Novell ODI to Novell Event Bus Interface Module
Version 1.10
Code Address: C86F0000h Length: 000012E9h
Data Address: C86F3000h Length: 0000077Ch
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.13
Code Address: C86D6000h Length: 000027F3h
Data Address: C86DA000h Length: 00000CC8h
NCM.NLM Novell Configuration Manager
Version 1.14.02 November 19, 2001
Code Address: C8664000h Length: 00004882h
Data Address: C866A000h Length: 00000F00h
SPMDCLNT.NLM Novell SPM Client for DClient
Version 1.01
Code Address: C8609000h Length: 00012B7Eh
Data Address: C861D000h Length: 00001370h
NMAS.NLM Novell Modular Authentication Service
Version 2.65
Code Address: C857B000h Length: 00032FB8h
Data Address: C85AF000h Length: 00007B10h
SPMNWCC.NLM Novell SPM Client for NWCC
Version 1.01
Code Address: C8564000h Length: 000108CEh
Data Address: C8576000h Length: 00001340h
GAMS.NLM Graded Authentication Management Service
Version 1.13.01 June 21, 2002
Code Address: C84E1000h Length: 0000DB85h
Data Address: C84F0000h Length: 000012C0h
DXEVENT.NLM DirXML Event Module for Novell eDirectory 8.6.1
Version 10210.42
Code Address: C8401000h Length: 00019251h
Data Address: C841C000h Length: 0000B484h
RSPX.NLM NetWare Remote Console SPX Driver
Version 4.12
Code Address: C834C000h Length: 00002380h
Data Address: C8350000h Length: 000038D8h
REMOTE.NLM NetWare Remote Console
Version 4.12.01 January 22, 2003
Code Address: C832E000h Length: 000053A4h
Data Address: C8335000h Length: 0000151Ch
IPXRTRNM.NLM IPX Router Network Management
Version 6.60
Code Address: C8295000h Length: 0000C223h
Data Address: C82A3000h Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
Version 6.70.01 December 3, 2001
Code Address: C81E9000h Length: 00047B7Eh
Data Address: C8232000h Length: 00017B10h
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: C815B000h Length: 0000230Fh
Data Address: C815F000h Length: 000004E4h
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.20.02 February 21, 2003
Code Address: C8139000h Length: 0000E894h
Data Address: C8149000h Length: 0000208Ch
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 5.62
Code Address: C80C4000h Length: 00014599h
Data Address: C80DA000h Length: 000021A0h
Version 2.05
Code Address: C8039000h Length: 0000385Fh
Data Address: C803E000h Length: 000010ACh
Version 6.05.08 March 13, 2003
Code Address: D1540000h Length: 0000C0F9h
Data Address: D154E000h Length: 0000BA60h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Network module (NULL encryption)
Version 6.07.08 February 27, 2003
Code Address: D1ED5000h Length: 00048DFCh
Data Address: D1F20000h Length: 0002C660h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (NULL encryption)
Version 6.06.11 March 13, 2003
Code Address: D11BA000h Length: 000210CBh
Data Address: D12DF000h Length: 00078940h
Version 6.03.01 October 7, 2002
Code Address: D7FE8000h Length: 00008CFCh
Data Address: D04CC000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21
Code Address: D7EFE000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: D7F00000h Length: 000024E0h
Version 5.02
Code Address: D7E5A000h Length: 0000A51Bh
Data Address: D7E66000h Length: 00001B00h
Version 5.02
Code Address: D7E29000h Length: 000124ABh
Data Address: D7E3D000h Length: 000022A4h
N100.LAN Compaq Ethernet or Fast Ethernet NIC
Version 6.38
Code Address: D7E01000h Length: 0000A8CEh
Data Address: 1301A000h Length: 00004B1Ch
ETHERTSM.NLM Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
Version 3.89
Code Address: D7DFB000h Length: 000024D7h
Data Address: D7DFF000h Length: 000002BCh
MSM.NLM Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
Version 4.10
Code Address: D7DE2000h Length: 0000E5B3h
Data Address: D7DF2000h Length: 00003DCCh
CONNAUD.NLM Licensed Connection Meter
Version 3.10
Code Address: D7DA3000h Length: 00003683h
Data Address: D7DA8000h Length: 00000A9Ch
NLSMETER.NLM NLS - Software Usage Metering Database
Version 3.22
Code Address: D7D70000h Length: 0000E963h
Data Address: D7D80000h Length: 0000775Ch
NLSLSP.NLM NLS - License Service Provider
Version 5.02
Code Address: D7C73000h Length: 00069D77h
Data Address: D7CDE000h Length: 0001EDB8h
CSL.NLM NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
Version 2.06.02 January 13, 2000
Code Address: D7BFA000h Length: 0000CB32h
Data Address: D7C08000h Length: 000028F4h
Version 7.90
Code Address: D7BB9000h Length: 000013BFh
Data Address: D7BBC000h Length: 00000980h
Version 7.90
Code Address: D767D000h Length: 000512A6h
Data Address: D76D0000h Length: 0000EF64h
NWENC103.NLM NWENC103.NLM v7.90.000 (Text Encoding Conversion Library)
Version 7.90
Code Address: D7464000h Length: 0004D0F5h
Data Address: D74B3000h Length: 001B0208h
NWAIF103.NLM nwaif103.nlm v7.90, Build 245 ()
Version 7.90
Code Address: D71D7000h Length: 00010E61h
Data Address: D71E9000h Length: 00006828h
PSVCS.NLM Portability Services
Version 230.00
Code Address: D716C000h Length: 000125CFh
Data Address: D7180000h Length: 00009444h
Version 1.05
Code Address: D7129000h Length: 0000D920h
Data Address: D7138000h Length: 000078D4h
Version 4.10.01 February 12, 1998
Code Address: D6F20000h Length: 00001C95h
Data Address: D6F23000h Length: 000000ECh
Global Code Address: D6F25000h Length: 00001000h
NSPSAP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM NSPSAP.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: D6F19000h Length: 00001EE7h
Data Address: D6F1C000h Length: 00000610h
SNMP.NLM Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
Version 4.16.04 February 18, 2003
Code Address: D6E60000h Length: 00013740h
Data Address: D6E75000h Length: 00003110h
TLI.NLM NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
Version 4.30.02 December 19, 2000
Code Address: D6DD5000h Length: 00003859h
Data Address: D6DDA000h Length: 00000164h
Global Code Address: D6DDC000h Length: 00001000h
Global Data Address: D6DDE000h Length: 00002000h
WSPIPX.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for IPX and SPX
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: D6B27000h Length: 0000DB29h
Data Address: D6B36000h Length: 00001762h
CONLOG.NLM System Console Logger
Version 3.00.02 November 26, 2002
Code Address: D6AFF000h Length: 000020DCh
Data Address: D6B03000h Length: 00001CC0h
Version 5.60
Code Address: D6AB4000h Length: 000056B7h
Data Address: D6ABB000h Length: 00001308h
IPXSPX.NLM NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol Stack NLM
Version 5.60
Code Address: D6A4F000h Length: 0000FC52h
Data Address: D6A61000h Length: 00009A3Ah
NSPNDS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20
Code Address: D6A11000h Length: 00006547h
Data Address: D6A19000h Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D69E1000h Length: 00017349h
Data Address: D69FA000h Length: 00000510h
DHOST.NLM Novell DHost Portability Interface 1.0.0 SMP
Version 10010.94
Code Address: D6920000h Length: 00006631h
Data Address: D6928000h Length: 0000234Ch
TIMESYNC.NLM NetWare Time Synchronization Services
Version 6.03.09 February 25, 2003
Code Address: D68E2000h Length: 0000CDECh
Data Address: D68F0000h Length: 00003E50h
CLXNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D68DD000h Length: 00001213h
Data Address: D68E0000h Length: 000001B0h
DSAPI.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D68D6000h Length: 00000043h
Data Address: D68D8000h Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D68D2000h Length: 00000633h
Data Address: D68D4000h Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D6889000h Length: 00036AC1h
Data Address: D68C1000h Length: 00004D86h
NCPNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D6859000h Length: 0001C0C3h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 July 1, 2003
Code Address: D6838000h Length: 00001C72h
Data Address: D683B000h Length: 00000130h
CLIB.NLM Novell Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D6787000h Length: 0001894Eh
Data Address: D67A1000h Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D675D000h Length: 0001C694h
Data Address: D677B000h Length: 00000690h
NLMLIB.NLM Novell NLM Runtime Library
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D66FD000h Length: 00025872h
Data Address: D6724000h Length: 00003890h
Version 6.00.03 January 18, 2002
Code Address: D66BD000h Length: 000120CDh
Data Address: D66D1000h Length: 000010A0h
Global Code Address: D66D4000h Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D6681000h Length: 0001FC63h
Data Address: D66A2000h Length: 00001090h
THREADS.NLM Novell Threads Package for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D6648000h Length: 00018C48h
Data Address: D6662000h Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
Version 5.90.09 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D63C5000h Length: 0002528Ah
Data Address: D63EC000h Length: 00228040h
DS.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.3 SMP
Version 10550.98
Code Address: D57F5000h Length: 00258864h
Data Address: D5A4F000h Length: 00076A0Ch
ROLLCALL.NLM RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
Version 5.00
Code Address: D57F1000h Length: 0000055Dh
Data Address: D57F3000h Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM Novell System Abstraction Layer Version 2.2.0
Version 20210.73
Code Address: D57CC000h Length: 00007946h
Data Address: D57D5000h Length: 00001230h
POLIMGR.NLM NetWare License Policy Manager
Version 6.15
Code Address: D5730000h Length: 000139CCh
Data Address: D5745000h Length: 00008C40h
NDSAUDIT.NLM Directory Services Audit
Version 2.09
Code Address: D5333000h Length: 00010844h
Data Address: D5345000h Length: 00002ED0h
MASV.NLM Mandatory Access Control Service
Version 1.39.01 March 13, 2002
Code Address: D52DE000h Length: 0000EE86h
Data Address: D52EE000h Length: 00002390h
Version 1.20
Code Address: D5245000h Length: 0000DD1Ah
Data Address: D5254000h Length: 00001600h
NSPSLP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service Provider
Version 6.20.01 February 19, 2003
Code Address: D5215000h Length: 00005ED3h
Data Address: D521C000h Length: 00000B30h
Version 2.05.01 November 12, 2002
Code Address: D51D0000h Length: 00017B58h
Data Address: D51E9000h Length: 00004354h
DSLOADER.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.7.3 Loader SMP
Version 10550.98
Code Address: D5094000h Length: 0000C73Ch
Data Address: D50A2000h Length: 00001224h
XIM.XLM Novell NICI Signed Loader
Version 1.02
Code Address: D4D77000h Length: 0001DE70h
Data Address: 00FF5000h Length: 00003900h
WS2_32.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
Version 6.20.01 February 18, 2003
Code Address: D4C4D000h Length: 00034902h
Data Address: D4C83000h Length: 0001085Eh
NCP.NLM NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
Version 5.60
Code Address: D4B85000h Length: 00024C4Fh
Data Address: D4BAB000h Length: 000184E4h
QUEUE.NLM NetWare Queue Services NLM
Version 5.60
Code Address: D4B2B000h Length: 00006D8Dh
Data Address: D4B33000h Length: 00000473h
MALHLP.NLM NSS Configure help messages (Build 331 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2A40000h Length: 000000BAh
Data Address: D2A42000h Length: 0000002Ah
NSSIDK.NSS NSS Pool Configuration Manager (Build 220 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2A31000h Length: 00002B55h
Data Address: D2A35000h Length: 00000090h
Version 1.21
Code Address: D2A2B000h Length: 00000879h
Data Address: D2A2D000h Length: 00000018h
VOLMN.NSS NSS Distributed Volume Manager (Build 162 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2A12000h Length: 00004CB3h
Data Address: D2A18000h Length: 00000260h
NWSA.NSS NSS NetWare Semantic Agent (NWSA) (Build 1039 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D290C000h Length: 0004347Eh
Data Address: D2951000h Length: 00098E90h
ZLSS.NSS NSS Journaled Storage System (ZLSS) (Build 1422 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D272C000h Length: 000A88F6h
Data Address: D27D6000h Length: 0000B4B0h
MAL.NSS NSS Media Access Layer (MAL) (Build 440 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2649000h Length: 000030D6h
Data Address: D264E000h Length: 00000170h
MANAGE.NSS NSS Management Functions (Build 240 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D261F000h Length: 0001DFC1h
Data Address: D263E000h Length: 00000610h
COMN.NSS NSS Common Support Layer (COMN) (Build 2277 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D24D7000h Length: 000AE446h
Data Address: D2587000h Length: 000104A0h
NSS.NLM NSS (Novell Storage Services) (Build 632 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2227000h Length: 000268D0h
Data Address: D224F000h Length: 00084320h
LIBNSS.NLM Generic Library used by NSS (Build 91 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D2210000h Length: 000034ACh
Data Address: D2215000h Length: 000003D0h
NSSWIN.NLM NSS ASCI Window API Library (Build 186 MP)
Version 3.03
Code Address: D21F8000h Length: 000047DCh
Data Address: D21FE000h Length: 000000FCh
UNI_UPR.NLM NetWare Unicode Upper Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01
Code Address: D2111000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D2113000h Length: 00002328h
UNI_MON.NLM NetWare Unicode Lower Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01
Code Address: D210B000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D210D000h Length: 0000207Ch
UNI_437.NLM NetWare Unicode conversion API for code page 437, V1.01
Version 1.01
Code Address: D2103000h Length: 000001B7h
Data Address: D2105000h Length: 00000B44h
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D20F9000h Length: 000047EBh
Data Address: D20FF000h Length: 00000C60h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library
Version 5.05.08 March 11, 2003
Code Address: D20D4000h Length: 00003413h
Data Address: D20D9000h Length: 00008AE4h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.13
Code Address: D1FAF000h Length: 0008DA77h
Data Address: D203F000h Length: 00012BC0h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.12
Code Address: D1E9B000h Length: 000094ADh
Data Address: D1EA6000h Length: 0000833Ch
CONNMGR.NLM NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.60
Code Address: D1E28000h Length: 000111E5h
Data Address: D1E3B000h Length: 00003C78h
UMSSHIM.NLM Novell USB Mouse Shim
Version 1.01
Code Address: D1E20000h Length: 00000B1Bh
Data Address: 00FFC000h Length: 0000041Ch
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.77
Code Address: D157D000h Length: 0000A5E7h
Data Address: D1589000h Length: 00009EC8h
UKBDSHIM.NLM Novell USB Keyboard Shim
Version 1.00
Code Address: D153E000h Length: 00000C95h
Data Address: 007FE000h Length: 000004ACh
USBIO.NLM Novell USB IO System
Version 1.01.01 April 5, 2002
Code Address: D14D8000h Length: 0002F308h
Data Address: 2DD62000h Length: 0001A588h
USBSHIM.NLM Novell USB Platform Shim
Version 1.01
Code Address: D14C6000h Length: 00001B32h
Data Address: D14C9000h Length: 0000B220h
LIBC.NLM Novell Kernel Services and Standard C Runtime Library for
NLMs [optimized, 3]
Version 6.01.02 March 25, 2003
Code Address: D121D000h Length: 0008F716h
Data Address: D12AE000h Length: 000291C1h
IDEATA.HAM Novell ATA/IDE/ATAPI Host Adapter Module
Version 4.00
Code Address: D0996000h Length: 0000B219h
Data Address: 005DF000h Length: 00003FF4h
CPQSCSI.HAM Compaq Ultra/Fast/Wide SCSI-2 HAM v1.43
Version 1.43
Code Address: D08EF000h Length: 0001B370h
Data Address: 005E5000h Length: 00001F1Ch
CPQSHD.CDM Compaq NWPA SCSI Disk Driver v1.54
Version 1.54
Code Address: D08B6000h Length: 00016337h
Data Address: 005E7000h Length: 000011D5h
IDECD.CDM Novell ATAPI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Custom Device Module
Version 3.10
Code Address: D0894000h Length: 00003614h
Data Address: 005E9000h Length: 00000CF0h
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00
Code Address: D0882000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 6 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.12.02 January 23, 2003
Code Address: D0828000h Length: 00015F26h
Data Address: D083F000h Length: 00002928h
MM.NLM NetWare Media Manager
Version 3.01.02 April 4, 2003
Code Address: D0760000h Length: 0002E06Bh
Data Address: D0790000h Length: 00009F40h
SGUID.NLM NetWare 5 GUID Services
Version 5.61
Code Address: D070F000h Length: 00000E04h
Data Address: D0711000h Length: 0000018Ah
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 2.35.14 February 24, 2003
Code Address: D06E6000h Length: 0000A923h
Data Address: D06F2000h Length: 00001AB8h
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 5.61
Code Address: D06BD000h Length: 00005843h
Data Address: D06C4000h Length: 0000097Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 6.x
Version 2.10
Code Address: D0689000h Length: 000065C0h
Data Address: D0691000h Length: 0001C178h
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 5.60.01 August 15, 2002
Code Address: D065A000h Length: 000014FAh
Data Address: D065D000h Length: 00004A0Ch
PVER500.NLM NetWare 6.XX Version Library
Version 3.00
Code Address: D04C8000h Length: 0000068Fh
Data Address: D04CA000h Length: 00000360h
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.16
Code Address: D047C000h Length: 00003EBBh
Data Address: D0481000h Length: 00003C70h
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 6.00
Code Address: D0173000h Length: 0000FB36h
Data Address: D0184000h Length: 000158BEh
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.60
Code Address: 00600000h Length: 00128000h
Data Address: 00800000h Length: 00181000h