An old problem that has survived several SP's has reared again. The issue
is an 865PERL motherboard using netware's mirroring on SATA drives will, at
random but usually 1x/day, surge the CPU to 100% utilization. At one time
we suspected OFM from BackupExec but this has bee turned off and is not the

I happened to get a server message about a CPU util warning, so I
immediately signed on to the client remotely. Following past advice I
jumped into the Monitor->Kernel->Busiest threads while CPU showed at 100%.
I did a snapshot of what I saw there to prove it, but basically it showed:

Server 11 4,862,771
Java_1101 Watcher 1,312,626
IPXRTR Timer 1,174,560
Java_319 Watcher 1,174,161

I saw the Server 11 thread jump as high as 6,400,000 before all of a sudden
subsiding. CPU util went to under 3% and everything was fine. There was a
few Server 13's that would pop up, but of course this does not give any
info on what is in that thread at the moment. This is an extremely
difficult issue as I am not at the location (it is a Law office) and to
catch it in the process is usually a fluke of luck.

As a comparison, the nominal state of the unit is approx 2% utilization or
less and the Busiest threads are Server 13 & 11 with approximately
1,900,000 each.

How can I figure out what is plugging into the Server 13 thread and running
this up?