I'm running a Netware 6.0 SP5 server with Zenworks 4.01 ir7.

It seems every few weeks the server hangs.

As I'm writing this the CPU Utilization on the server is hovering
around 19% to 21%. It never goes back down to 0%.

The Console Prompt Hangs, I tried running DSREPAIR and it didn't run
and it hanged. Right now when I go to the Console Prompt on the server
the place where I can type in commands has disappeared.

I tried running Netware Remote Manager to check the busiest threads and
check which NLM is hanging which I then could unload it but Netware
Remote Manager would not run.

So I went into Monitor and then Kernel and checked busiest threads and
under On-line processor 0, server 1 was running at on average of
3,345,678 which is really high.

Unfortunately I can't run a NCP Trace to create a log file to check and
see which Station might be causing the server to hang.

Now when I restart the server everything works good for a few weeks and
the problem mentioned above happens again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do when the Console
Prompt Hangs and also how to determine what is actually causing the
server to hang in the first place?